Laura Vita appoints UK Shoe Agency Ltd as their exclusive UK Agent.

Lorenzo Conti is their hugely successful mens brand. It's now available in the UK for the first time.

Both Laura Vita and Lorenzo Conti offer superb leather comfort. Their restrained colours and bohemian inspired styling is uniquely and unmistakably Laura Vita. They're as original as they are stunning!

Laura Vita is a fantastic brand from Northern France and is known for its highly distinctive leather shoes and bags. They have a large U.K. following and the response from our first three selling seasons has been incredible. We've already significantly increased their sales and customer numbers. It's been a joy to sell!

'Laura Vita offers a refreshing point of difference on the high street'.

'It's highly distinctive and extremely commercial'.

UK invoices in pounds with payments to a British bank.

It's really easy to deal with Laura Vita. They have a subsidiary company based here in the UK. All invoices are created in the UK in pounds with normal UK VAT and payments are to a British bank account. There are no customs, no duty headaches and no hidden costs!

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